Linda Seed, author: Cambria: What better place for romance?

Cambria: What better place for romance?

I've been vacationing in Cambria, on California's Central Coast, for more than twenty years. My first visit there came as a desperate attempt to unwind from my stressful job as assistant news editor at the Ventura County Star. I'd been working long hours under intense pressure, and I needed to get away and find some peace.

I found it in Cambria. Staying at a bed and breakfast on Burton Drive in the historic part of town, I enjoyed local wines, strolled on the beach, browsed the boutiques. I felt myself relaxing, slowing down, taking the time to breathe.

Cambria has been drawing me back ever since. Now, my family and I regularly rent a house in the Marine Terrace neighborhood, where we wake to the sounds of sea lions barking and the sight of deer grazing on the lawn.

When I was coming up with the idea for a series of romance novels, it seemed to me that no location could be more ripe for love than Cambria. And so, Kate Bennet and Jackson Graham find each other in the first book, Moonstone Beach, amid the breathtaking beauty of Cambria's rugged coast. It's my way of giving something back to a place I love.