Linda Seed, author: Moonstone Beach now available on Kindle

Moonstone Beach now available on Kindle

Moonstone Beach, the first in the Main Street Merchants series, is now available on Amazon. It's free for subscribers to Kindle Unlimited.

Here's an excerpt from Chapter 1:

“Kate! You’re here! What took you so long? Red alert! Red alert!”
Kate’s eyebrows shot up. “Really?”
Lacy Jordan rushed behind the counter, grabbed Kate’s arm, and yanked her toward the door. “Would I lie to you about a red alert?”
“Well, no. Where? Where?”
“In my shop! Hurry!”
Lacy was still wearing the coffee-stained apron she sported while serving customers at the espresso place next door. Her sneakers, with faded jeans and a tight white T-shirt, allowed her more freedom of movement than Kate had in her heels and pencil skirt.
“Oh, come on!” Lacy urged. “Why would you wear those shoes when you know there might be a red alert?”
“I guess I wasn’t thinking,” Kate said.
“I guess not!”
Kate click-clacked as quickly as she could across the sidewalk and past a pair of milling tourists, until Lacy thrust her by the arm through the door of Jitters, the coffee bar where her friend worked. The force with which Lacy propelled her through the door caused Kate to teeter on the heels before finally righting herself.
“Where?” she whispered, out of breath.
“Left rear corner.”
Kate looked around the room until her eyes rested on the man sitting at a small, round café table, sipping something from a white ceramic cup.
“Oh,” she breathed.
It was him, all right. The first spotting had been three days earlier, at the wine tasting bar run by Rose Watkins, the third of their foursome of friends. The guy, a cross between David Beckham and Chris Hemsworth, was such a ticking bomb of sex appeal that Rose had immediately and surreptitiously called all of them over from their respective places of business to come in and get a look at him. After some discussion, they’d decided that he would be the perfect practice man for Kate, who—two years post-divorce—had recently decided she was ready to start dating again. Flirting was the first step, and who better to flirt with than a guy who could be a Calvin Klein underwear model?
The “red alert” system had been created to deal with any future sightings—not only so Kate could polish up skills that had suffered from disuse, but also so the other women could get another chance to bask in his glory.
“Did you call Rose and Gen?” Kate was whispering out of the side of her mouth, all systems in stealth mode, though Mr. Beautiful likely couldn’t hear them from where he sat.
“Gen’s not at the gallery, and Rose is stuck doing a tasting for a big group.” She sighed. “He’s all ours.”

Download the book on Kindle for $4.99. Coming soon in trade paperback.