Linda Seed, author: My first book signing, and Linda at Linn's!

My first book signing, and Linda at Linn's!

Last week was a very big week for me. First, I had my inaugural book signing event in Cambria. For an introvert like me (and like many authors), it was a daunting prospect. What if no one came? What if lots of people came, and I froze in fear like a deer in headlights? What if people came, recognized me as a charlatan, and threw rotten vegetables at me?

Me, signing a copy of Moonstone Beach
In fact, what happened was that people came, they were lovely, and my inventory of paperbacks sold out. It's given me some confidence to, you know, maybe meet people again sometime. Although I do need to work on my pithy phrases to go along with my signature. My current lineup of signature banter—Thanks for coming! I hope you enjoy the book!—is fine, but unlikely to make people say things like, "Oh ho! That Linda Seed! What a witty personality!" So, there's work to be done.

As if books were not enough,
we also had snacks!
The other big news is that Linn's of Cambria, which consists of a restaurant, a cafe, and three gift shops in the absolutely magical town where my novels take place, will be carrying Moonstone Beach. I've been visiting Cambria for twenty years now, and I've been a regular visitor to the Linn's shops that entire time. Having my book for sale there is a huge honor. The idea that I might be able to share my romantic vision with some of the many visitors who come through the town is a big deal for me.

My time in Cambria last week was wonderful, as it always is. But the welcoming reception I got from the people there took my experience over the top. It's not just a vacation spot for me anymore. It's a place where I have some terrific new friends.

Finally, an update: The first draft of Book 2 in the Main Street Merchants series is almost finished. Keep checking back to see how it's coming along. This will be the story of ex-New Yorker and art gallery owner Genevieve Porter and sexy rancher Ryan Delaney, who made supporting appearances in Book 1. Don't forget to sign up for my mailing list to get progress reports, news about new releases, and information on offers and even the occasional giveaway.