Linda Seed, author: Help Me Plan a Main Street Merchants Wedding!

Help Me Plan a Main Street Merchants Wedding!

One of my Main Street Merchants couples is getting married in Book 3—though I'm not telling you who it is, because spoilers suck. Book 3 is still in the works, and so are the wedding plans. To make this an occasion to remember, I'm doing what any other amateur wedding planner does: I'm using Pinterest. Check here to see the dress I've got in mind, as well as the ring, the cake, the bouquet, and more.

I want this wedding to be the best it can be, so I need your suggestions. Got a dress in mind that you think is better than the one I have pinned? I'd love to know about it. Think the cake I've picked out isn't quite the show-stopper it needs to be? Let me know what you like better. Nothing is written in stone (or in an ebook) yet, so your ideas could help shape the story.

Let's plan a wedding together!