Linda Seed, author: Love on the Central Coast

Love on the Central Coast

I had a wonderful few days up in Cambria, visiting with some readers, signing books, making stops at bookstores and libraries, and generally enjoying the Central Coast.

Cambria resident Jennifer Smith graciously welcomed me into her home, where I had the opportunity to meet a number of my readers, some of whom I'd heard from via email, and others whom I was coming into contact with for the first time.

Some of my wonderful readers at our Cambria get-together.
It was a blast. We writers send our work out into the world without quite knowing what will become of it. It's so gratifying to meet readers in person, and know that real people are getting real enjoyment out of my books.

Here are a few things that came of the trip:

• Signed copies of both Moonstone Beach and Like That Endless Cambria Sky are now available in two brick-and-mortar locations: Coalesce in Morro Bay, and Linn's HomeStyle in Cambria. Both places previously had Moonstone Beach, but now they have Cambria Sky as well.

• I am attempting to get both books into the Cambria library. They have to be approved by a committee that decides on book acquisitions for the San Luis Obispo County library system. I have donated copies to the library, and the librarian tells me she'll submit the books to the committee. We'll see what happens. I'm hopeful.

•  Tentative plans are shaping up for me to have a signing for Book 3 in the Main Street Merchants series in Cayucos, perhaps sometime during the summer. Please sign up for my email newsletter for updates as plans firm up.

• It seems that my Cambria readers have been having a fine time speculating about who the various characters in my books are based on. Let me just set the record straight: If you like the character, it's you. If you don't like the character, it's strictly fiction. (Ha, ha. Just kidding! Of course it's you.)

I have nothing but warm gratitude for the people of Cambria, Cayucos, San Luis Obispo, and the rest of the Central Coast who have given me and my books such a wonderful welcome. I look forward to my next visit.