Linda Seed, author: Book 3 is Live!

Book 3 is Live!

Very big news in the world of Linda Seed! Book 3 in the Main Street Merchants series, Nearly Wild, is live on Amazon. Only the e-book version is available right now, but the print edition is coming later this month. This one is Rose's story.

From the back cover:

Rose Watkins has never been afraid of anything. She wasn’t afraid to leave home and cross the country on her own at eighteen, she’s not afraid to stand up for herself against judgmental bullies, and she’s not afraid to chase her dreams, no matter how elusive they may seem. 

After a phony date with doctoral candidate Will Bachman—concocted to help him save his ego in front of an ex-girlfriend—Rose realizes that the possibility of true love is perhaps the scariest thing of all. 

Set amid the rocky bluffs and crashing surf of Cambria, California, Nearly Wild is the third book in Linda Seed’s Main Street Merchants series.

If you've read the first two books, you'll know that Rose is a fun character. I had a wonderful time writing her journey toward love.

If you do read Book 3, please consider leaving an honest Amazon review. Reviews are so important to writers like me who are struggling to get noticed. Leave a review, and I'll come to your house and wash your dog. (Not really. Have you smelled a wet dog? But I'll love you. Always.)