Linda Seed, author: Free E-Book, and New Paperback in Print!

Free E-Book, and New Paperback in Print!

I've got a couple of pieces of news to share with you. First, Nearly Wild is now available in paperback! Get it here, or, if you'd like to order a signed copy, just shoot me a message at and I'll let you know how to make that happen. It's a bit of a wait for the signed copies, as I'm still waiting for my first shipment of books, so if you just have to read it now (and who can blame you?), I'd suggest the e-book version, which you can purchase here.

The other bit of info I have to share is that Book 2 in the Main Street Merchants series, Like That Endless Cambria Sky, is being offered free in e-book format today only. Check it out here.

Here's a big shout-out to everyone who has supported me so far in my crazy quest to make it as a romance novelist. Everyone who's sent me a message telling me you enjoyed the books; everyone who has left an Amazon or Goodreads review; everyone who has shown up at my signings; everyone who has welcomed me into their home for an event. Thank you all, from my heart. You've made this a wonderful journey.